Before Your Session

Let’s make sure we have a great time together! It’s my goal to ensure that your session or event goes smoothly and that you have the best experience possible with Erica Sooter Photography. Below I’ve listed a couple of tips that will make the process of your session from start to finish an overall easy and enjoyable experience 🙂

1. Booking

To book a session or event [or to see what dates are available] please direct all questions and queries to either or call at 425-829-1437.

Once you have a booked a date, we will then set up a consultation meeting to discuss what you want from the shoot, any special requests and to answer any questions you may have. We can do this through email, over the phone or in person, at your discretion.

You will receive a contract, either in person or by e-mail, that will list the terms and conditions of contracting my services and will need to be signed and returned before your session.

Online booking coming up soon!


2. Payment

25% of your session’s cost is due no later than 10 days after you book your event. This is payable by check or cash.

The following 75% will be due the day of your session/event. This is payable by check or cash.

Paypal and online booking options coming up soon!


3. What to Wear/Bring

Wear something that expresses who you are! Don’t feel you have any standards to meet – wear something that expresses your personality. Try to stay away from overly busy patterns; solid colors tend to work best, but don’t be afraid to throw a bit of a pattern or some fun accessories in there!

Also, please feel free to bring any props or mementos that you would like involved in the photos – they make for memorable shots that really have meaning.

Please also bring the rest of your payment with you [check or cash] to your session!


4. Getting your Edited Photos

Once we’ve had our fun capturing awesome shots, now comes the not fun part – waiting. I try to get edited photos back to you as quickly as possible, but as my workload increases, the wait time will also increase. Once edited, you will get your images on either a CD or a flash drive that can be mailed to you or picked up in person, as per your preference. While editing, I will likely post a teaser photo or two to Facebook that you will be able to share with your family and friends!


5. Copyright and Use of Images

As the photographer, I hold the sole copyright to any and all images that I produce, even after they are given to the consumer. Please do not re-post photos to the Internet without credit to my business and do not edit my photos in any way. With your edited images you will receive a signed letter that lists what you may and may not do with the photos I have given you.