I have been in love and involved in the arts since a very young age and graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art. From painting to sculpture, from crafting to sewing – if it’s artistic, I’ve done it all and loved it! Photography is no exception. Ever since getting my first film camera from my Grandma at the age of 11, I’ve loved taking snapshots of people, pets and places.

I’ve now upgraded to a “big girl camera” and the love has continued. I have an eye for the creative and strive to provide memorable and artistic shots to share with friends and family. It is my dream to serve you as a photographer to make your special day last a lifetime and to provide timeless memories of your family and little ones!

Here are some other facts about me:

1. I love Jesus! (But I won’t judge you if you don’t)

2. I have the most amazing and supportive, loving husband a girl could ever ask for.

3. Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food on the planet.

4. Some of the places on my to-travel list are: Peru, Greece, New Zealand and Egypt.

5. I’m one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds you will ever know.